Somethin’ Else is an international podcast company. We produce our own premium shows as well as a range of audio content for platforms, broadcasters and brands. We are part of the Global Podcast Division of Sony Music Entertainment and have teams in New York, Los Angeles and London.


About Us

Somethin’ Else is a premium podcast business. Established in 1991, we are pioneers in creating quality audio content. We make a wide range of original podcasts with passionately creative hosts, journalists and producers. We are an end-to-end podcast business – from development through production, distribution, marketing and subscription, sponsorship and advertising sales services.

We also work with a range of partners and clients that include some of the world’s leading platforms, publishers, broadcasters and blue-chip brands.

Somethin’ Else is part of the Global Podcast Division of Sony Music Entertainment (SME). SME has a proud tradition of thrilling audiences by putting creativity at the heart of everything it does and is now building a world leading premium podcast business.

Meet Our Team

Our Work

We are an award winning premium podcast company with teams in New York, Los Angeles, and London. We produce a wide range of our own original podcasts working with the finest talent in-front of and behind the microphone. We also produce high quality podcasts for a range of platforms, broadcasters and brands. We are the BBC’s leading independent supplier of radio programming.

Original Podcasts

What a Combo

What A Combo

Ever dunked your chips in a milkshake? Comedian Fern Brady is inviting some of her famous pals for a feast like no other.


You Had Me At Hello

You Had Me At Hello is the show where everyday people tell their extraordinary stories of how they met and fell in love.

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Smoke Screen: Betrayal on the Bayou

Chad Scott made an incredible number of cases by getting drug dealers to work for him as informants.


It’s Not You, It’s Them…But It Might Be You with LalalaLetMeExplain

Lalalaletmeexplain is here to answer all YOUR questions around love, dating, sex, and relationships.

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Client Podcasts

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Chanel Connects

Featuring global thought leaders, artists, and creators, this series of eight episodes released weekly, is devoted to the profound questions and conversations that shape culture today and define its tomorrow.

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Talking Bull

The Official Oracle Red Bull Racing Podcast, brought to you by HP Poly – bringing you exclusive unrivalled access to the Team.

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Take on Tomorrow

Take on Tomorrow brings together leading experts from around the globe to figure out what business could and should be doing to tackle the greatest challenges facing the world; from privacy to climate change to crypto.


Tiny Tales from Pampers

Tiny Tales shares classic stories remade for 2022 and brand new stories. These stories celebrate characters from all walks of life inclusive of gender, background, and ability.

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1Xtra’s Alternative Selection with CassKidd

CassKidd uncovers emerging genres from around the world. From experimental hip-hop to the pioneering vibrations of electronic music for every mood.

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Radio 2 Unwinds

With Angela Griffin. Embracing wellbeing, companionship, connection and positivity, taking you on a mood-boosting musical journey across genres and decades.


The Kitchen Cabinet

Hosted by The Observer restaurant critic and Masterchef judge Jay Rayner, in conversation with a panel of cooks, food writers and enthusiasts.

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Gardenersʼ Question Time

One of the world’s longest-running radio programmes, and an institution. GQT’s format is simple: amateur gardeners put their questions to a panel of experts.

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Other Services

We have expert advertising sales teams for our network of premium podcasts in the UK and the US.

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We have a team dedicated to helping brands realize their goals by creating and publishing their own podcasts.

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