BBC Radio 3 drama: Is your love better than life?

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Somethin’ Else production shows future clash between church and government inspired by Murder in the Cathedral

This Sunday’s Drama on BBC Radio 3 (February 16, 2014) envisages a scenario in the near future where the state wants to remove the Archbishop – permanently.

Inspired partially by Eliot’s classic verse drama Murder in the Cathedral, Is Your Love Better than Life explores a futuristic scenario in which senior figures in the Church and Government discover they have irreconcilable differences, so that it becomes for them a matter of life and death. What beliefs will we die for? Or kill for? It’s about telling the truth.

Written by Sony Award winning writer and producer, Frances Byrnes, this production has been a big Somethin’ Else team effort – with Talent Agent Richard Howells even contributing as a voice in the piece.

Listen to it here on Sunday