BBC Radio 4 social media for the Today programme


Somethin’ Else’s chimp graphic gets 134,000 likes and 18,000 shares on Facebook

As part of our work on BBC Radio 4‘s social media, we created a bespoke graphic for the Today programme which was published on social media alongside one of the stories from that morning’s show. Our aim was to produce something beautiful and shareable to appeal to the Today audience butalsoattractive to non-listeners elsewhere online.
We began by attending the Today team’s morning planning meeting, at which point we selected a number of stories we felt would be highly shareable. The stand out story was on newly published research into gestural language used by chimpanzees. We liaised with the Today programme team, BBC News (who were writing an article on this story) and the scientist behind in the research. Infographics and Graphic Designer Jack Hagley created the piece:
The Today team, Radio 4’s in-house social media team and even the scientist whose research the image was based on all loved it. It was used in a BBC News article and posted from Today’s twitter account as the piece went out on air, where it received a great response.

After the event, we were delighted to find that our bespoke image was also picked up by various other media outlets. IFLS (‘I f—ing love science’) posted this story on their Facebook page on Friday and again on Saturday, both times including our image. IFLS has 16.9 million likes on Facebook and the posts combined currently have almost 134,000 likes and over 18,000 shares.

The image was also used in coverage of the story by many other news outlets including Huffington Post and The Telegraph:

[Telegraph example]

In the words of Radio 4′s Digital EditorRhian Roberts; “Yay!”