Bestselling author, feminist and illustrator Florence Given launches brand new podcast “Exactly. with Florence Given”


Exactly. with Florence Given is a brand new podcast series launching on Monday 17th January, from Somethin’ Else, part of Sony Music Entertainment.

At 23 years old, Florence is the bestselling author, feminist and illustrator behind Women Don’t Owe You Pretty – her record-breaking debut book which empowers readers to know their worth. Now she’s on a mission to connect people by exploring different perspectives and philosophies on life. 

Florence and her guests will take big topics – sex, relationships, social media, feminism and body image – and examine them through a feminist lens on Exactly.

Guests include author Layla Saad, actor Jameela Jamil, dominatrix Madam Storm and comedian Sofie Hagen. 

“I’ve started this podcast because I want to have conversations that have the nuance and depth you can’t get from an Instagram caption.
It’s always been so important for me to bring people together, I love human beings and I love learning. I want to connect us, I want to empower us, I want to educate us and figure this shit out myself along the way.”

     – Florence Given

With over 770,000 social media followers, there will also be a chance for Florence’s community to get involved in the conversations. Audiences can submit their own questions on the big topics, plus Florence will take calls from listeners. 

Inspired by her nickname ‘Floss’, listeners can also subscribe to ‘Extra Floss’ on Apple Podcasts to get ad-free episodes of Exactly. Subscribers will also have access to exclusive weekly bonus series, ‘Ask Floss’, where she will be answering questions that listeners send in to the show.

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For any media enquiries, please contact: Becca Newson / 0208 341 3297