Brand-new comedy podcast ‘Please Tell Me A Story’ launches on 10th January 2023 with Omid Djalili and friends


On 10th January 2023, Somethin’ Else and Sony Music Entertainment will launch Please Tell Me A Story, a brand-new comedy podcast led by actor, comedian and writer Omid Djalili, joined by five pals from the world of comedy.

The premise of the show is simple; six comedians have one funny story to tell. But, can they pass the story along the chain without completely twisting the tale? Can they resist their comedic urges and tell it to us straight?

Please Tell Me A Story features an all star comedy cast including:

Omid Djalili West End star, Hollywood actor, regular at the Edinburgh Fringe
Abi Clarke – Social media sensation known for her viral Tik Toks where she has over 20 million likes
Seán Burke – Star of RTÉ’s sketch show ‘No Worries If Not!’
Kai Samra – Regular at Soho Theatre where he’s had 3 sell-out runs of his show ‘Underclass’, available as an Amazon Prime special
SikisaBBC New Comedy Award finalist and cabaret superstar 
Helen Bauer –AKA Madam Good Tit, host of Trusty Hogs and Daddy Look At Me podcasts

Omid tells his story to Abi. Abi tells Omid’s story to Seán, then Seán to Kai, Kai to Sikisa and Sikisa to Helen. However, with 6 comedians involved, things rarely go to plan, with each episode featuring hilarious misrememberings, improvisations, stumbles, fumbles and, of course, laughs. 

This isn’t like the game you play at school where you only whisper a word or phrase. Each episode features a complete story, with each retelling getting funnier (and weirder!) as it passes on.

Join Omid and friends for a story-time like no other.