Historian & bestselling author Dan Jones returns to host Season Two of This is History: A Dynasty to Die For

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The Plantagenets, the most dysfunctional family of the Middle Ages, are back!

Somethin’ Else and Sony Music Entertainment will launch season two of This is History: A Dynasty to Die For, on 28th March 2023. Hosted by award-winning medieval historian, broadcaster and author Dan Jones, season one topped Spotify’s UK History Chart, and the Apple History Chart in the US.

Season two picks up where we left off with England’s longest reigning and most dangerous dynasty – The PlantagenetsRichard the Lionheart now takes centre stage as he ventures East on a Crusade, leading an attack on his nemesis, the formidable Muslim general Saladin. Meanwhile, back at home, Richard’s devious younger brother John plots to steal his throne, their mother Eleanor of Aquitaine caught in the crossfire. The sagas play out like episodes of a medieval Succession, or a real-life Game of Thrones.

The season consists of 12 weekly episodes. Dan guides his listeners through this tumultuous period of history in a manner that’s at once compelling and dramatic, as well as accessible, fun and family-friendly; a perfect companion for both the morning commute and a family road-trip. Dan’s even heard from teachers that they use it as a tool in history lessons.

Dan’s narration is supported by an impressive, immersive soundscape and score, which transports listeners to medieval England. A weekly bonus episode will be made available for paid subscribers, in which Dan divulges some more morsels of medieval gossip. 

Dan is a New York Times bestselling author, and he’s written and hosted dozens of TV shows including the acclaimed Netflix/ Channel 5 series Secrets of British Castles. However, Dan isn’t your typical historian; he’s a friend of Guns N’ Roses base guitarist Duff McKagan (he’s taken the band on historical tours before), listens to Fred Again when he’s writing, and is probably the first (and only?!) historian to have DJ’d at the Ministry of Sound.

To celebrate the launch of season two of the podcast, Dan will be hosting “The Ultimate History Lesson” at Warwick Castle with a class from a local school. The lesson will be inspired by the first two episodes of the season, taught within the walls of the building that was once home to The Plantagenets.

Listen here.