Just Say You’re Sorry, new season of Smoke Screen podcast franchise, explores interrogation tactics used by ‘Serial Killer Whisperer’ Texas ranger James Holland


New Season From Somethin’ Else, Sony Music Entertainment and The Marshall Project Takes Us Inside the Hidden World of Police Confessions

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Somethin’ Else and Sony Music Entertainment, in partnership with The Marshall Project, today launched the latest season of hit investigative podcast series Smoke Screen: Just Say You’re Sorry. This season takes listeners inside the interrogation room, uncovering the gripping drama behind one of Texas Ranger James Holland’s most controversial cases: the murder of a woman named Bobbie Sue Hill. Subscribers to The Binge can listen to all episodes, all at once today.

Hosted by The Marshall Project’s journalist Maurice Chammah, Just Say You’re Sorry investigates the extreme, yet legal, tactics employed by Holland against the murder suspect: an Air Force veteran named Larry Driskill. These tactics include hypnotizing a witness, lying about evidence, and a psychologically brutal interrogation that eventually breaks Driskill down. With access to Holland’s recordings, Chammah follows the men through two days of a high-stakes dance ending in Driskill’s confession. 

Driskill was sentenced to 15 years in prison but was released on parole during production. He is now working to prove his innocence. Driskill’s experience sheds light on the methods used by Holland and many police across the U.S., even as Holland continues to be celebrated for his skill in coaxing confessions from killers.  

Just Say You’re Sorry offers a firsthand look at this shocking story of manipulation and gaslighting, and how even people who don’t believe they committed a crime can find themselves confessing to it,” said host Maurice Chammah, who previously wrote “Anatomy of a Murder Confession,” the Marshall Project article that the podcast is based on. 

Just Say You’re Sorry is produced by Somethin’ Else, a Sony Music Entertainment company, and The Marshall Project. The producers are Tom Fuller and Georgia Mills.

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