Listen in session: February 2014 playlist

Radio Debian by Alosh Bennett

Three people choose interesting audio from our lunchtime listening session

Here’s the playlist from our lunchtime listening session. Every month, three people play a bit of interesting audio they’ve heard.

Hack My Hearing

Aged 32, science writer Frank Swain is losing his hearing. Audiologists are concerned there may be a rising tide of ‘hidden hearing loss’ among young people. As electronic prices have fallen, sound systems have become cheaper and more powerful. At the same time, live music events and personal music players are more popular than ever, resulting in an increase in noise-related hearing damage.

In this programme, Frank asks what the future holds for people like him, part of a tech-savvy generation who want to hack their hearing aids to tune in to invisible data in the world around them. Could these designers and hackers create the next supersense?

Producer: Michelle Martin (@m000sh)

Chosen by Darby Dorras (@darbydorras) who says:

“A reminder of why a presenter with genuine interest and passion for a subject creates a superior listen.Also terrifying and intriguing for those of us who work with our ears…”

Love + Radio: The Superchat

A couple months ago, a friend handed Julia a scrap of paper with a phone number on it. One night, bored and maybe a little tipsy, she called it up. This is who she met.

Produced by Nick van der Kolk (@nickvandk) and Julia DeWitt (@JuliaDeWitt)

Chosen by Russell Finch (@russellfinch):

“I listened to this while eating my breakfast. It made me splutter porridge all over myself.”

The Haunted Apparatus

When the phone was invented, people were astonished by the new technology. Proust described it as a ‘supernatural instrument before whose miracles we used to stand amazed’. Thirty years after the invention of the mobile phone, Ian McMillan (in collaboration with sound artist Scanner) makes strange what we very quickly came to take for granted – the ability to send a disembodied voice down a line.

Through a reverie on time and place Ian and guests, including Jackie Kay, Charlie Higson, Chuck Palahniuk, and David Toop will explore why hanging on to the ‘uncanny’ nature of phone calls, could help us understand what’s happening to us – as we become deluged with new ways to communicate.

Producer: Faith Lawrence (@yeoflittle)
Sound Design: Scanner
Studio Manager: Paul Cargill
Archive research: Christopher Wilson

Chosen by Miranda Hinkley (@nightjarmedia)