Nightmare High wins BAFTA

Nightmare High

Somethin’ Else’s game for Channel 4 Education is a winner at the Children’s Awards

We’re delighted that our project for Channel 4 Education, Nightmare High, has won a BAFTA Award in the ‘interactive’ category of the Children’s Awards.

It’s the third BAFTA Award we’ve been nominated for this year, with our ‘video game with no video,’ The Nightjar, nominated for both the best mobile game and best audio achievement at this year’s BAFTA Games Awards.

Nightmare High is a story about the worst day of school ever. It’s so bad that reality itself gets broken. It’s your job to fix it and get home in time for tea. It’s a story told in games, video, graphics, text and other elements, knitted together in a beautiful way. It has purpose behind the fun too, as it’s designed to teach 10-12-year-olds the control they have over their own lives at a time of great transition.

We’re incredibly proud of the game and the people who made it happen. Thanks to our team and external collaborators, including director Jo ‘Makielab’ Roach, Tassos ‘Coney’ Stevens, playerthree, Neil Bennun, Ben Steers, and the massed pipes and drums of the Somethin’ Else engine room.