Reaching film lovers for The BFI


Driving awareness of the BFI Player

We’ve been appointed by the BFI to create and deliver a content strategy that will raise awareness of, and drive new users to, the BFI Player – their on-demand movie subscription service. The BFI Player offers users thousands of films from the national and regional archives. Users are able to rent the latest releases or subscribe to access classics.

We’ve done this by creating The Cut where creatives from different areas of arts and culture such as Ben Bailey Smith (Doc Brown), Brian Cox and Es Devlin OBE provide insight into the independent films that have inspired them and shaped their approach to creativity. Each creative features in their own piece along with excerpts from the films they reference (which are all available on the BFI Player).

Then we’re using the content to target potential subscribers with multi-variant, non-linear versions of the videos which are edited to target different passion groups as part of paid social activity.

The first work went live in February and further names and their films will go live throughout 2018.

The Es Devlin film can be seen here.