Somethin’ Else at Advertising Week New York

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Join us for our session 'Absolut Immersion: Bringing Content to Life' at this year's Advertising Week New York.

In early 2015 we worked with the legendary immersive theatre company Punchdrunk and Absolut Vodka to create ‘Silverpoint’, a casual mobile game that created a digital gateway into something much bigger — in fact, it blurred the lines between digital and physical worlds. Featuring and inspired by Andy Warhol’s rarely seen blotted-line ‘Silverpoint’ drawings, the game became a story that became a mystery that in turn became a physical performance. As the game became more difficult, players could speed up their path by heading out into London, taking part in a series of live experiences that melded gameplay and reality.


As it created such joy among its users and seamlessly used buzzword-compliant technologies such as beacons, it became one of 2015′s most talked about branded content campaigns. This posed the question: “How do you pull off something of genuine value and depth while embodying your brand’s message?” Paul Bennun, our Chief Creative Officer, will be hosting a session along with Punchdrunk’s founder & Artistic Director Felix Barrett, Pernod Ricard’s Head of Marketing Adam Boita and the author & Wired correspondent Frank Rose, to cover that very question. Encompassing audience insight, content, technology and immersive theatre, the session is a must-see for brands wanting to reach those elusive and media-wise millennials.

Find all the details on our session here.