Somethin’ Else wins three BAFTA Awards, including Company of the Year


Somethin’ Else secured three BAFTA Awards at the 2015 Children’s Awards, including Company of the Year.

It was an altogether rather astonishing night — together with receiving that ‘grand prix,’ we were awarded in the Interactive category and in the Learning category with recognition for our CBBC-commissioned video game “Dumping Ground: You’re the Boss” and for “Poetry: Between the Lines,” a TV series aiming to get kids excited by poetry.

At the time of writing we are just hoping all the ‘bronze faces of glee’ we picked up make it into the office today. They’re very heavy, especially if you’re tired and emotional.

The Company is proud of this range of output: our strategy has been to make material which actually resonates with the audiences they’re intended for — this may sound obvious, but it means (we believe) you have to be able to excel across many different forms of media from moving image to interactive to social. We’re proud of the diverse team of strategists, thinkers and makers that produced this work.

We also thank our partners — particularly CBBC and BBC Learning — for their trust and collaboration which lead to this success.