Somethin’ Else keep the faith with Northern Soul

Northern Soul - Twisted Wheel Poster TX Card

We produced a documentary on the music and dance movement for BBC 4.

Our latest music documentary for BBC Four tells the story of the rise, fall and rise again of Northern Soul.

Here’s the take of our CEO Jez Nelson, who executive produced the programme.

“The Northern Soul story is one of those great gifts to a documentary maker. It has it all – a strong narrative arc with underground roots, an explosion of popularity and then a dramatic decline. Passion, love, drugs, in-fighting, dancing. Oh and an amazing soundtrack. The truth is it’s actually quite a contained story compared to that of many music scenes. It’s also an incredibly British tale; a handful of DJs with an obsession (often unhealthy) with obscure post-Motown soul vinyl. Dirty, sweaty dance halls, amphetamines, baggy trousers and kung-fu kicks.”

He added:

“So it was a lot of fun putting together Northern Soul – Living For The Weekend for BBC 4. Sometimes it takes a lot of persuasion to get people to give their time to appear in a TV programme but with this show everyone said an emphatic yes straight away. The DJs, the fans and the historians are all so committed to “keeping the faith”. So we have superb, impassioned interviews interwoven with some fantastic archive of the iconic clubs of the era. Charis Young, who AP’d on the film, uncovered some amazing rare photos that are incredibly evocative.

Director James Maycock has done the story proud and together with our in-house editor Paul Ruston they’ve crafted a tale that’s moving and funny. They’ve also packed it full with the classic tunes of the era.”