Sound Directions, The Somethin’ Else Podcast and Smart Audio Studio

Webcast vs Podcast

Launching the UK's biggest podcast studio

We’re pleased to announce the creation of Sound Directions, our bespoke podcast and smart audio studio. Sound Directions has three areas of focus:

1) Creating commissioned podcasts for clients such as Audible and the BBC.

2) Creating branded podcasts and smart speaker strategy and audio for clients keen to explore advertiser funded production

3) Creating our own original podcasts which will be funded by us.

Our self-funded podcasts will focus on drama and narrative journalism as well as creating entertainment properties with well-known figures. The first of these releases will be available later this year.

Somethin ‘Else already produce the UK’s favourite podcast, The Kermode and Mayo Film Review (as voted, at the British Podcast Awards 2018), alongside successful podcasts and audio content for clients such as Audible, The Beatles, Penguin Random House (The Penguin Podcast), the BBC and The Economist.

We are also the BBC’s biggest supplier for radio content, creating 35 programmes a week including Gardeners’ Question Time, The Kitchen Cabinet, The Essential Mix and shows with Gilles Peterson and Trevor Nelson.

Steve Ackerman, Managing Director of Somethin’ Else, will lead the new division, which will take over production of the agency’s regular podcast commissions from Audible, Spotify and the BBC.

Managing Partner Mark Rivers will lead the unit that will work with marketers and ad agencies to create branded audio content and give strategic advice on the creative delivery of podcasts and audio content for smart speakers.