Steve Ackerman on the language of content

Steve Ackerman

Why some agencies and brands aren't speaking the right language in the discussion around brands and content.

Managing Director Steve Ackerman was asked by Advertising Week Europe to contribute some thoughts on branded content. Here’s what he had to say on why some agencies, broadcasters and clients are not yet speaking the right language when it comes to content for brands.

I’ve been to the vast majority of panels and sessions that have been taking place this week around the subject of content and I’ve been surprised and sometimes a little shocked at the disparity in language and understanding that some agencies, clients and even broadcasters seem to have in the discussion around brands and their production of content. It seems to me that some of these sessions have been AWE’s version of the Tower of Babel with the same topic but vastly different languages. There are those who speak the tongue of content creators and genuine practitioners who are fluent in content talk and there are those, including some from traditional agencies, who are trying hard to master the language of content but failing (though I’m not sure their clients yet realise this).

This language disconnect is being driven by the fact that brands are demanding that their traditional agencies learn this new patter fast. And because many clients haven’t yet learnt the language, some of their agencies are able to convince them that they are fluent speakers, when they’re still actually doing the crash course themselves.

So how does the dialogue need to change this week when talking about content as opposed to advertising?

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