Talking BBC at Ad Week Europe


James Purnell and Jon Wilkins join us at Advertising Week Europe.

We’re back at this year’s Advertising Week Europe with another content themed session. This year our CEO Jez Nelson is joined by senior BBC Strategist and former Culture Minster James Purnell and Kamarama Executive Chairman and Somethin’ Else non executive director Jon Wilkins to discuss the BBC’s evolution amid the rapidly changing “broadcast” world. 

The session will examine how the BBC has long been one of the great creative forces of UK culture but how now its position and scope has never been more challenged. Netflix, Amazon, Spotify and Apple not to mention other broadcasters are battling ever harder for the beeb’s talent, formats and audience. Meanwhile political pressure is for the BBC to spend less and stick to its knitting. So should the wider creative industries and adland in particular be concerned by a diminished BBC? Or is this an opportunity for brands to truly make their mark in the new content ecosystem?

The session is at 11am on Tuesday 21st March at the event which is being held once again the Picture House by Piccadilly Circus.