The Kitchen Cabinet returns to BBC Radio 4 for a sixth series

Jay Rayner - The Kitchen Cabinet

Restaurant critic Jay Rayner presents the popular culinary panel show

This week we’re proud to launch the sixth series of BBC Radio 4’s The Kitchen Cabinet with Jay Rayner. In just two years this culinary panel programme has gone from a germ of an idea in Head of Radio Robert Abel’s head to a mainstay in the Radio 4 schedule.

Jay and his panel of culinary creatives will tour up and down the UK taking questions from audiences on cooking, eating and drinking. We’ll be visiting Norwich, Dartmouth, Glasgow, Brixton, Whitby, Lewes and Leicester.

The taster menu…

Coming up in Norwich: Tim Anderson, Rachel McCormack and Angela Malik suggest ideas for Valentine’s Day meals at home, while Annie Gray provides a potted history of phallic foodstuffs associated with romantic eating. The panel gets stuck into that most feisty of condiments, mustard, and Jay plays referee as the team argue about the best methods for cooking risotto.

When can I hear it?

Tuesdays at 3pm on Radio 4, starting on Tuesday 11th February.

When can I see it?

Tickets are free but limited. You can apply for them here.

Where are people talking about it?

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