The Soviet soundtrack to the space race

Tim Key

In Tim Key’s Easy USSR on Radio 4, the actor/writer explores the mysterious music of Russian composer Vyacheslav Mescherin

Tim Key goes on a journey taking in the incomparable sounds of what became the Soviet soundtrack to the Space Race on BBC Radio 4 this Tuesday at 11.30am (November 12, 2013).

Vyacheslav Mescherin’s music has underscored Tim’s life and work for nine years – both on stage and on the radio.  His search for more information takes him from one of the world’s leading Theremin players to a Soviet Cosmonaut.

With very little information about the Russian available, and rumours of Mescherin’s sounds having been blasted into space, will Tim be able to find out more about the mysterious music he craves?

Tune into Tim Key’s Easy USSR on Radio 4 to this Tuesday at 11.30am and again on Saturday (November 16) at 3.30pm to find out more.