Unheard: The Fred and Rose West Tapes


Our new podcast with Howard Sounes, centred around the secrets of Fred and Rose West.

Twenty five years after the arrests of Fred and Rose West, Somethin’ Else launch a 12 part podcast series with journalist Howard Sounes as he re-visits his investigations, interviews and reflections on analogue cassette tape as he followed the story from the moment it broke.

Howard takes us through recordings with close family members of Fred and Rose West, friends and lodgers at 25 Cromwell Street, those who knew their victims, and those who only just managed to escape.

From Somethin’ Else, the UK’s leading podcast provider, Unheard: The Fred and Rose Tapes is a story of one family’s secrets, the victims whose stories are too often overlooked, and our own fascination with the darkest depths of humanity.