Virtual Reality South Africa

SE microphones SA

A fully immersive experience that allows you to feel like you are "there"...


We’ve worked with Universal McCann and Visualise to create a groundbreaking experience to promote South Africa using Oculus Rift and binaural sound to take people “there”.

Users get to enjoy a 5 minute film that literally takes them to South Africa with full 360 degree visuals and complete movement related surround sound.

Using Oculus Rift, users can look up, down and from left to right, with the sound reacting accordingly as they enjoy the sights and sounds of this incredible country. From Paragliding off table top mountain, to getting up close on safari and cage-diving to see sharks, the incredibly immersive experience is truly groundbreaking.

Our binaural team worked with the 360 filming team of Visualise to create one of the first ever Oculus Rift public experiences which will be travelling around the UK during 2015.