Watch DJ Yoda’s audio-visual mix on BBC 6 Music

DJ Yoda

Somethin’ Else makes a special edition of 6 Mix featuring live mixes

On Friday 14th June, we made a very special edition of 6 Mix for BBC 6 Music with DJ Yoda. As well as being available on the radio, the mix could also be watched online and via the Red Button.

Hosted by Nemone, Yoda discussed and played some of his all time favourite music videos including Kayne West, The Beastie Boys and Peter Gabriel. He also premiered his brand new How To Cut & Paste mix – The Asian Edition – complete with an added visual commentary.

He also performed a 25 minute live audio-visual mix, mixing up specially created video with BBC archive and much more. You can watch a teaser here:

Listen again to Yoda’s 6 Mix for the next seven days on the 6 Mix page