We win big at British Podcast Awards 2020!

“A team that has redefined the British podcast landscape”

Somethin’ Else has won a number of awards at the 2020 British Podcast Awards including Best Publisher or Network.

We were delighted to have more nominations than any other independent producer and even more pleased to see two of our shows win. Penguin Podcast won the Best Branded Podcast, and Something Rhymes With Purple won Best Entertainment Podcast.

The company was then given the gold award for Best Publisher or Network. The judges said about us that we are “a team that has redefined the British podcast landscape, this winner has instilled true confidence in what is possible within the industry, both commercially and creatively. They truly embody the gold pod standard and stand head and shoulders above the competition.”

They said of Something Rhymes with Purple that the show “not only made us smile but also truly taught us some valuable lessons about the words we use so often but know so little about. A thoroughly entertaining romp through the hidden histories and odd delights of the English language and we look forward to hearing more!”

And of Penguin Podcast they said it was “a podcast that impressed the judges with its consistency and the depth it achieved. It stood out for the quality of the interviews on the show and the behind-the-scenes work that makes it such a good listen for anyone interested in books and ideas.”