We’re making a new flagship film series for BBC TV

Picture Perfect

Somethin' Else's 'Picture Perfect' format is a brand new film proposition for BBC TV

The BBC has announced refreshed coverage of film across TV and online with some new commissions. The new commissions are intended to enhance existing coverage across BBC Platforms, giving audiences a richer and deeper examination of film.

In a competitive Invitation to Pitch process, Somethin’ Else has won a brand new BBC Arts commission to produce a new landmark film series for the BBC.

In 2019 we’ll be creating 5 x 60’ BBC Four programmes exploring the art of the ‘perfect film’. In addition to the new programmes, BBC Four also has plans to bring the nation together to celebrate film with a series of guest-curated film nights by exceptional names in the industry.

Titled ‘Picture Perfect’, the show will explore the art of filmmaking and will feature key names from in front of and behind the camera, across English language and world cinema films.

The new programmes will form part of the BBC’s new regular commitment to film programming across the year, taking advantage of key moments in the film calendar (such as the February awards season and the autumn festival season) to create an enhanced and consistent offer for lovers of film on television and online.

There’s more on the new proposition at the BBC’s Media Centre.