Chivas Regal Mashtun App

Fun app content to bring people together at parties

Chivas is a drink with a long bar room tradition but it faced the challenge of how to address the global trend towards entertaining at home.

As part of Chivas’ ‘Art of Hosting’ positioning, we identified interactive content as a great way to engage Chivas drinkers who enjoy hosting sophisticated events.

The solution was MASHTUN, a free app that would appeal to everything that the Chivas gentleman loves: games, gadgets and being the perfect party host.

We reinvented the parlour game for the modern age, creating five different games designed to make social gatherings go with a swing. The key to the content was to make it social, so that players looked at each other rather than their devices.

The resulting real-time social games gave Chivas a central role in bringing people together while reflecting its modern take on tradition.

Authentic content for an authentic brand

Our starting point for developing the games was to look back at the most successful parlour games from history. To be true to the Chivas brand, we wanted to offer an authentic, modern take on what had come before. So we tested all the classics out (a lot) before making a list of around 20 games. Once we had a shortlist we ran user-testing sessions with the target audience, took this learning and built the branded game app.

  1. MASHJAM – A game of rhythm and memory. Play back the rhythm as accurately as you can by tapping or shaking
  2. MASHACT – Players act out words as they appear on the device. Help your teammate guess as many as they can before the time runs out.
  3. MASHRELAY – Sing, hum, whistle or shout to propel your team’s piece along the course. A head-to-head relay race.
  4. MASHTIP – A physical game whereby players are asked to perform a random physical action while holding their device as steady as possible to balance a tower of virtual blocks displayed on screen.
  5. MASHSEEK – A modern take on the game of hide and seek: find a device hidden in the room using a series of remote prompts to make it vibrate, beep, flash or take a picture.
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