Documentaries for Radio 4

Documentaries for Radio 4

Our documentaries team has a long heritage as one of Radio 4’s main suppliers for documentaries. Our producers have created award-winning programmes on current affairs, history, science, arts and culture. Recent highlights include:

Searching For Swimming Pools

Paul Smith’s portrait of the effects of dementia on one family. Nominated for Prix Italia in 2019 and selected as British entry at the IFC 2019 International Audio Features Conference.

The Expressing Room

Nominated for BBC Radio & Music Awards best documentary, Fi Glover goes behind closed doors of an Expressing Room on a premature babies ward, following the stories and conversations of a group of mothers as they express milk for their newborns.

The Pleasures of Brecht

Described by Radio 4 commissioning editor as ‘possibly the most beautiful programme I have ever commissioned’. Producer Phil Smith goes in search of Brecht’s simple joys in life, and tells the story of the poem that described them. Selected as one of the 100 Outstanding Podcast episodes of 2019 by Bello Collective

Documentaries for Radio 4

The Deported

So you’ve been deported, what happens now? The stories of three people sent to Nigeria, a country they left many years ago, and what happens to them once they arrive.

Art of Now: Race And Fashion

Kenya Hunt investigates how the fashion world is grappling with race.

Destiny And The Brain

Neuroscientist Hannah Critchlow asks what the latest brain research might tell us about ideas of free will, nature and nurture, and destiny.

Documentaries for Radio 4

Driven To Distraction

Are we really more distracted than ever before? Rhys Jones explores how previous generations have fought back against the forces of distraction.

Going To Town

Anand Menon investigates why towns have become crucial to understanding political changes in the UK.