Dramas for the BBC

Authentic stories to transport people from the everyday

Radio drama done well uses the fantastic intimacy of the medium to take the audience away from their day-to-day experience.

We’ve worked hard to develop authentic drama that uses an innovative approach to sound and avoids all the usual radio drama clichés: dull effects, stodgy scripts, and shaky studio ambience.

Our radio drama experiences have included BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio 4 commissions Goodbye to Berlin, Picnic at Hanging Rock and Natural Born Caretakers.

A good example of our approach to bringing stories to life for the audience was My Boy, a 45-minute drama for BBC Radio 4 created by teaming documentary makers with radio dramatists to create stories based on truth.

My Boy

My Boy is a 45’ drama for BBC Radio 4 about a young woman who believes her unborn child is an angel. It grew out of a workshop where we teamed documentary makers with radio dramatists with a view to developing tightly crafted narratives based in truth. Our lead actress, Christine Bottomley was signed up early in the process and encouraged to develop her character over time, recording monologues on a dictaphone which informed the sound of the finished piece. Written by Laura Lomas and produced by Polly Thomas, it went out on Radio 4 on 19th December 2012.

Creating worlds for listeners

Authentic drama with an innovative approach to sound.

The Manhattan Bee Testimonials

The Future Sounds Exciting

When we got into making radio drama back in 2008, we had a very clear intention: to create authentic drama with an innovative approach to sound. With a track record in documentary production and by teaming up with the amazing ex-BBC drama producer, Polly Thomas, we thought we’d have a shot at doing something genuinely fresh.

Over the last few years we’ve had the opportunity to develop this approach, with Radio 4 and Radio 3 commissions (Goodbye to Berlin, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Natural Born Caretakers and The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum to name a few) and  we’re very excited about how things are sounding…

Joby Waldman, Head of Speech programmes

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