Foxy TV – The Future of Broadcasting

Online Bingo is a highly competitive market.  Customer churn is the biggest problem facing gaming brands.   To keep players playing we created an entertainment strategy that makes playing Foxy with the best bingo experience online.

It’s a strategy inspired by the audience. The social experience is deeply ingrained in the bingo community. So we developed live entertainment formats (both TV and radio) to bring players together and heighten the excitement around online chat , broadcast exclusively in’s chat rooms during peak periods.

The Foxy Bingo TV and radio shows have built a strong relationship through regular interaction with the audience. Players have proposed on air, called in from the bath and even from hospital beds.

Players now spend more time on, are more passionate about the brand, and have great experiences to share with bingo-playing friends.

The parish noticeboard of the bingo world

The show streams in chatrooms while people play bingo. It gives players a voice because the flexible format allows content to be steered by the conversations in chatrooms, providing a great platform for the community to share stories and news.

Foxy loves a special event

Foxy players love to talk about what’s happening in the world and in their favourites TV shows, films and magazines. So we’ve created themed shows including the Foxy TV Hollywood Special and a 90s-themed Foxy Radio Special.


Doing it Bigger and Better

Here is what independent bingo review site ‘Ballsup Bingo’ had to say about FoxyTV in a recent review:

“Recently we have seen quite a few sites offer an interactive side to their bingo games, so it’s great to see Foxy jump on board and do it bigger and better than all the rest… In our opinion Foxy Bingo TV is a great new addition to this online site and most importantly the players in the chat room seemed to be loving it.”

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