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For all the people who love playing Candy Crush or Angry Birds on their mobiles, there is a group of people who don’t. Ironically, these people love gaming on their PlayStation or Xboxes, but feel that these “snackable” games don’t live up to their immersive console experiences.

So we decided to use our experience in ideas and production to make something for mobile devices that serious gamers would love.

We’d already developed games for different brands and broadcasters but then in 2010, after a bit of blood, a lot of sweat and some tears, we published the first ever game funded purely by Somethin’ Else called Papa Sangre. It was a horror game in which the player is trapped in an afterlife filled with darkness, and needs to save their loved one whilst avoiding dangerous monsters. So a bit different from tapping jelly beans. And to make this game different from every other game, our video game had no video. Going beyond touch and sight, we combined the iphone’s accelerometer functionality and our own binaural audio technology to create an entire world through sound that produced an immersive (and scary) playing experience that would challenge serious gamers.

Papa Sangre was a critical success and gamers loved it. So did chewing gum brand, Wrigleys, who approached us in 2011 to develop their own game that launched their new product, 5 Gum. We called this Nightjar, set it on a spaceship and got Benedict Cumberbatch to be the lead character. Last year, we developed Papa Sangre II, this time starring Sean Bean, and received Metacritic’s best review for a game in 2013 on the iOS platform (Metacritic is the global benchmark for games reviews).

And at the end of 2014 we released the 4th game in the series – Audio Defence: Zombie Arena.  We don’t need to tell you what you need to do in that game.

Audio Defence: Zombie Arena

“Is so unique and fun that, just like Somethin’ Else’s last three games, even if it’s not a must-see, it’s an absolute must-play.” GamenGuide

Build your own sound with Papa Engine

As part of our push to grow the audio games market, we created the Papa Engine, a platform now available to other game developers. It helps users create a sounds so good that they can build immersion in their games or even create games and other apps with no graphics at all.

Real gamers love our stuff. You know you’re doing well when fans make their own ‘Let’s Play’ videos.

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