Interactive Books

Interactive content for people who don’t buy print books

Two interactive book projects, The Magic of Reality for Random House, and Wildwood Storymap for Cannongate, are examples of our work in finding new audiences for publishers.

Both iPad publications used all the tools available to make sure readers were engaged and experienced new ways of interacting with the content. In the case of Richard Dawkins’ The Magic of Reality, we created something for tech-savvy people who tend not to read books, focusing on delivering an experience that was satisfying and physical.

Children aged 8 to 10 were the target audience for the Wildwood Storymap app. The app was designed to talk to a new audience who might not have read the first book in the Wildwood series and also to interact with the storylines for those who had.

Both projects provided seamless, beautifully designed content to help publishers reach out to readers in the post-reading age.