Kew Gardens: David Nash and Plant Hunters

Books reimagined for enthusiasts

We faced the challenge of creating a tactile, aesthetically pleasing experience for a knowledgeable, informed, gardening audience.

Our approach was focused on giving readers control of two products that were Kew Gardens’ first digital books combined with sprinkling the digital books with spectacular imagery, audio and interactive features.

The starting point was to think hard about the audience: gardening enthusiasts in one case and those interested in sculpture and David Nash in the other.

The Plant Hunters took a coffee table book,, complete with vivid illustrations, photographs, historical documents, maps and letters, and broke the iBooks mould by taking tactile features such as zoom to new levels.

With David Nash At Kew Garden, we went further, creating a native app to build in location data for those visiting the exhibit and adding bespoke content and browsing features.

The result was a rich resource to which enthusiasts returned again and again.