Nissan Juke Rocks

Convincing urban men that the Nissan Juke is the car for them

The task for Nissan was to reach an audience of young, urban, males so that they felt that, at last, there was a car for them. Our branded content supported the Juke’s positioning of ‘infectious energy in the city at night’ and used music, a key interest for the target audience, to build a connection.

The pan-European video campaign built an audience by using social media to create a competition between up-and-coming bands in cities across Europe. Each was given a Nissan Juke for a week and made films that were uploaded to the Nissan Juke Rocks YouTube channel.

Connections with the audience were made by the bands themselves – activating the audience by sharing on social media, asking fans to comment and to vote for their film. Winning bands got to perform for their fans at Nissan Juke Rocks events.

The Juke project beat its viewing targets and achieved the goal of connecting with a specific audience through one of their biggest passions.

This is Nissan Juke Rocks

The YouTube Video Campaign

Take 4 bands in 4 different cities, add 6 turbo charged music challenges – you decide who wins.
Watch as the bands compete against each other – Pony Pony Run Run electrifying Paris, Bakkushan rocking Berlin, The Visitors Attak energising Rome and The Pinker Tones tearing up the streets of Barcelona.

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