Online video for Orangina

Lucozade Ribena Suntory wanted to reinvigorate Orangina for “open socials” and as such were keen to focus on romance. We worked with them to bring a unique Orangina angle to this most competitive of content areas by “shaking up” dating. We created an online video dating series, called the Tour D’Amour, that sees a group of friends go through a series of dates on a travelling bus. At each stop potential couples decide if they want to get off the bus and have a date or “shake it up” and meet a potential new partner. The series is presented by Radio 1 DJ, Alice Levine.

Providing a fun, innovative format in a space that can sometimes just be about “flick or stick” has produced incredible results with high organic views and above average view times.

The Trailer

A new dating show…


Episode 1

“I can draw stick men and I can draw pigs…!”

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