Red Bull gives rock fans wings

Connecting with Red Bull’s passionate rock audience

Rock music fans are one of Red Bull’s most important audiences. To these fans, rock is much, much more than just music. It’s an integral part of their identity – informing the way they dress, who their mates are and how they spend their time. We have been working with the brand to create a stronger relationship with rock music fans for over 3 years. From short films that document on-the-road tales of the scene’s most important bands, to exclusive gigs to discovering the next big rock thing, we have provided a platform for rock music that thousands of fans come to week in, week out.

Red Bull Cut Your Teeth

Cut Your Teeth is a witty and inspiring short film in association with the Red Bull brand, exploring commitment to alternative culture and the highs and lows of starting out life in a heavy rock band.

The film features raucous tales from ‘on the road’; stories of transport disasters, spontaneous tattoo decisions and much more from key players in the rock scene including Frank Turner, Don Broco, Blitz Kids, While She Sleeps, Arcane Roots, Orange Goblin, Neck Deep, Mallory Knox, Rise To Remain, Deaf Havana, Katie P, Page 44, Hype Theory and Dead Harts.

Featuring blistering performance footage and an uplifting insight into true determination and passion, it’s a great watch even for those who aren’t fans of the genre.

Red Bull Studios

In summer 2012 we launched a brand new weekly show, broadcast live from the Red Bull Studios in London Bridge.

The show, presented by Benjamin (formerly known as Baller B, Example’s tour DJ) reflected all the activity occurring in the state of the art complex, with weekly artist session tracks, interviews and exclusive mixes from some of the most exciting names in the urban and dance music scenes. Broadcasting live online from on Wednesday afternoons, the show also lived online during the rest of the week, on-demand.

We lined up 33/45 guest mixes from Smutlee, Last Japan, CRST, Starkey and Benga, as well as a Label Lover mix courtesy of Butterz Recordings. With a strong online presence and extra online content aplenty, we set out to show what forward-thinking radio can look like in the 21st century.

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