Wellcome Collection: Who’s the Pest game

Growing empathy among young men

The Wellcome Collection had developed a season of events to explore the entwined connection between humans and insects. Our task was to create interest among an audience of young men, a group with the time but not necessarily the inclination to visit the events.

We developed Who’s the Pest, an entertainment platform including an app-based game together with fun facts and a guide to build empathy among the audience.

Who’s the Pest was aimed primarily at an audience of online casual gamers that used portals like Kongregate, Amor Games and Newgrounds. A perfect format to appeal to young men, particularly 14 to 19-year-olds.

The focus of the content was to build interaction with the audience and to encourage them to really consider the story of insects.

Customer Reviews from the App Store

Excellent! Loads of fun. Both kids and adults are loving it. Wish it was longer! Going to download more Wellcome Trust games.

by L_ot_L

Great game. Educational but fun, simple but challenging. Only wish it could have been longer!

by Lokao Kiwanis

Great. Interesting game something different keeps you thinking a game I like

by Ww<3Sm

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