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We believe every screen and speaker presents an opportunity to build a new relationship or strengthen an existing one.

At Somethin’ Else we have created a planning, production and measurement system to help advertisers seize the “attention” opportunity and create content that can become a meaningful part of the lives of their audience. A model that works alongside advertising, that’s built to move at the pace the audience think and live at, and a process that puts distribution planning at the heart of the creative process.

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April 1, 2022

Introducing ‘Kermode & Mayo’s Take’, a new podcast with Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo

Sony Music Entertainment’s Global Podcast Division today announced it has formed a podcast partnership with leading film critic Mark Kermode and iconic host and movie fanatic Simon Mayo. The seasoned broadcasters will present Kermode and Mayo’s Take, a new twice weekly podcast series focusing on theatrical, streaming and physical film releases, as well as high-level